Our Photo Booths

A state of the art all digital touch screen kiosk s style device with a very small footprint.
It takes up ¼ of the space needed for an enclosed booth.
That extra space saving can be used to put more people in front of the camera

Open Booth Concepts

This open concept is very popular with the guest since part of the entertainment is watching folk take their pics. We will work with your venue manager to maximize placement. This will allow for us to fit as many people into each frame as possible.

High-Resolution DSLR Pictures

Our booth uses an 18-megapixel Canon DSLR professional series camera and produces high quality, high resolution pictures like these

Our Photo Strips

Everyone in the picture will receive a hard copy photo strip like this
We have tons and tons of strip designs to choose from.

Our Photo Signature Guest Book w/ 25 Custom Inserts

An extra photo strip will be printed so you guest photo taker can add it to a page in your book along with any personal message/ signatures.
In a way, your scrap books become a picture guest book.
Years from now you will know exactly who wrote what verses trying to decipher just a hand writing.  At the end of the night we will assemble the book and turn it over to you.
You can always upgrade to our Deluxe Hand Made Custom Hard cover Photo Guest Book scrapbook for a fee.



10 Kids Activity Sheets + Crayons

Gives the kiddos something fun to do!


Personal Gallery Website for 1 year

We will post all your pic online for 1 year for free.  Folks can download and share at no cost.  This gallery can be password protected
This along with a USB thumb drive that contains all the individual picture taken that night will be handed over at the end of the booking as well